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Master Trainer Policies - April 2022

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  • Only use the Personality Insights, Inc. designated colors for each of the personality styles. This will help to avoid confusion with other company and ensure customers understand the personality styles.
    • D – green
    • I – red
    • S – blue
    • C – yellow
  • Include the Personality Insights, Inc. logo on your website or marketing materials when referencing any training programs taught by you that are based on content and/or materials by Personality Insights, Inc.
  • When using your title include “in Association with Personality Insights, Inc.” Example: Master Trainer in Association with Personality Insights, Inc.
  • Display Personality Insights, Inc. copyright line where they have been placed as-is. You cannot remove, edit, adjust, or cover up ANY copyright lines.
  • Do not make duplicates or make copies of any complimentary or for-charge materials without prior express written consent from Personality Insights, Inc.
  • Do not download and repost videos from Personality Insights, Inc. to any other platforms, without prior express written consent from Personality Insights, Inc.
  • Only use DISC in all capital letters. DiSC is a trademark of another company that has no association with Personality Insights, Inc.
  • At the commencement of all training where you are using content and/or materials from Personality Insights, Inc., you must include the statement, “in association with Personality Insights, Inc.” (this is an example and should be corrected as needed). Your statement must ensure that the attendees and participants understand that you do not work for Personality Insights, Inc., and instead are a certified master trainer with Personality Insights, Inc.
  • For online training classes, Personality Insights and the Executive Master Trainers reserve the right to audit any of your training classes that contain materials by Personality Insights. The Master Trainer must therefore provide a link(s) for Personality Insights or an Executive Master Trainer to join the online training class.

Ordering Manuals 

  • For ordering manuals:
    • 30 days prior to the event- Provide the realistic tentative number of manuals to Gina and Nancy (If you have 5 people registered and 3 people pending registration then the tentative number is 8)
    • 15 days prior to the event- Provide final number along with all the shipping information.
    • All manuals will be shipped 7-10 days prior to the event as long as you have paid your invoice. Shipping fees will be charged directly to your credit card once the amount has been determined.
  • For shipping of the training manuals:
    • If you have all the training manuals shipped directly to you (MT) in one location, the only charge will be the shipping fees for that shipment. There will be no additional handling charges. 
    • If the PI staff ships training manuals directly to your individual customer(s), there will be a $25.00 handling fee per shipment destination (in addition to the shipping charges) to cover the additional associated time and cost for tracking and support.
    • Please provide all the details for shipping directly to the customer (Name, Company Name, Physical Shipping Address, Suite #, Floor, Email, and Phone Number)
    • There is an additional $25.00 Rush Order Fee for any “last minute” materials that need to get shipped to your customers. This fee is in addition to any shipping charges.

Training Referral Program

  • Minimum fee for training is $2,197 USD
  • Current Manual cost is $425 USD - the New Manual cost is $600 USD (estimated availability - June 2022)
  • Referral fee to be paid to Personality Insights, Inc. for leads that register and attend your training event is $400 USD

Master Trainer Renewal

  • Master Trainer Renewal is $997 USD per year, on autopay, or $1,097 USD on manual renewal.
  • Starting in 2023, the renewal payments will be due in June each year.
  • Any difference in renewal period will be prorated and refunded.
  • If the renewal payment fails and is not paid within 30 days, your Master Trainer status and associated benefits will be deactivated, however you will be able to utilize the Senior Consultant benefits of the 45% discount by processing a consultant renewal payment at $97 USD on autopay or $147 USD if paid manually.
  • You can reactivate your Master Trainer benefits when your renewal payment ($997 USD) is received. (see Master Trainer benefits listed below)

Master Trainer Benefits

  • As a Master Trainer, you become an officially recognized Personality Insights, Inc. trainer.
  • You will be able to offer the Level 1 Basic DISC Behavioral Studies Certification Training Program and the Level 2 Advanced DISC Behavioral Studies Certification Training Programs.
  • You will be affiliated with an established name, brand, quality and credibility of Dr. Robert A. Rohm and Personality Insights, Inc.
  • As a Master Trainer, you also have access to a deeper discount (50%) on nearly all the Personality Insights, Inc. materials and resources, thus generating additional income.
  • Your training events will be listed and/or promoted as a Master Trainer on the Personality Insights, Inc., website, and Tip of the Week.\Your Master Trainer profile will be listed on our website.
  • You will receive referrals from the Personality Insights, Inc. from people interested in attending a training in your area or dates of your event.
  • You will have exclusive access to the “Master Trainers Only” resource center at the Personality Insights, Inc. website.
  • You will be a part of the monthly Master Trainer calls with Dr. Rohm and the Personality Insights, Inc. Team.
  • You will be the first to hear about new materials before they are released to the public.

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