Tech Check - Important Information

It is imperative that you have everything setup on the device you will be using to watch the live virtual training sessions well in advance of the start date, so that you are able to connect to the training session and focus on learning rather than stressing about software and settings.

Zoom Software

We use Zoom Meetings for our live virtual training, so you must have the Zoom client software installed on your laptop/computer. While you can connect to our meetings on your smartphone or tablet, we suggest using something with a larger screen in order to make it more comfortable for you, however, it’s up to you.

Click the link below to download the latest Zoom client software to your computer.

Mac and Windowshttps://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

Side-by-Side Setting in Zoom

In order to get the best experience when a screen is being shared by the presenter, you should enable a setting in Zoom called ‘Side-by-Side mode’, which can be found in Settings > Share Screen > Side-by-side mode.

Allow the Host to Unmute You

In order for us to facilitate a quality experience for you and every other online participant, please permit the Host to unmute your connection as needed during the live stream virtual classes. You can always change this at a later time.

Proper Lighting

Make sure you have ample light in FRONT of your face so that Dr. Rohm can see you, and not just your shadow.

Good Lighting

Poor Lighting

Proper Camera Positioning

Frame yourself properly by aiming your webcam properly. Your face should be in the center of the frame which will allow everyone to see you nicely.

Good Positioning

Poor Positioning

Have an AMAZING Experience Training with Dr. Rohm!

Please check your email for followups before the course starts.

Please check your junk mail folder and also add [email protected] and [email protected] to your safe senders list.